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Econoburn Intro Material


Done right, heating with wood can be very renewable.  Done poorly, heating with wood can make your property a major source of air pollution and be dangerous.

Steamback Renewable Thermal offers installation and service of Econoburn Wood Gasification Boilers in Western/Central NY and North Pennsylvania.  Specifically, the EBW-200.  Check it out:



Steamback Renewable Thermal highly recommends pairing wood boilers with external water storage tanks.  At present we recommend two brands.  One brand is an unpressurized tank and the other is a pressurized tank.

Our primary unpressurized recommendation is for Hydroflex in Pennsylvania.  Our secondary unpressurized recommendation is for STSS in La Crosse, WI.  These tanks are both round and feature an EPDM lining.

Our pressurized recommendation comes from Hydronic Specialty Supply in Cassadaga, NY.  Models include 210 and 360 gallons. View the HSS Neptune Series Thermal Storage Specs sheet.

Each tank type (unpressurized and pressurized) offers advantages and disadvantages.  Which tank type you should use is dependent on your needs, location and project.

At Steamback Renewable Thermal we believe every situation is unique.  This is especially true when people embrace Renewable sources of energy.

We address this fact by delving deeper into your project than you even thought possible.   You’ll think we are crazy, but we’ll measure your house, probe into walls, want to see the attic, check out every room to see the distribution, ask you endless questions on what has worked and not worked and in general, be a little annoying.

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