Steamback Renewable Thermal offers select alternatives to whole-house ducted ERV’s.

Specifically, we offer installation of the premium LUNOS line of point-source ERV’s.  Note, we only offer a small range of their products, those available in the US.

Our LUNOS systems also incorporate a solar panel and battery to guarantee ventilation even during power failures.  This feature is proprietary.

In many (but not all) cases installing point-source ERV solutions is more affordable than installing ducted whole-house ERV solutions.  Contact us for an assessment.

If you are looking for point-source ventilation, the worst thing you can do is install a simple exhaust fan.  They bleed your house of the energy you put into heating or cooling.

The next worse thing you can do is attempt to install a point-source ventilation ERV device like the one below.  The seem cool, but they constantly alter the indoor air pressures.

While our Lunos Packages are more expensive, they do it all.  They supply fresh air even during power failures, conserve energy and maintain a constant indoor air pressure.

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