Solar Thermal

Steamback Renewable Thermal offers installation of new solar hot water systems.  We also offer repair and maintenance services of existing systems.  We specialize in reliable, robust and highly productive solar thermal systems of the Steamback and Drainback type.  These systems are ideal for Northern climates (our general service territory).

After years of installing solar hot water systems we engineered and installed, and servicing systems installed by other companies, we know the system you need for your solar thermal application.

Though every project is different, we start with a baseline solar hot water system as follows:

System Information:

  • Type: Drainback
    • The most productive and resilient (limited repair costs)
    • Easiest to service (reduced repair costs)
    • Fully-competitive with PV water heating and heat pump water heating alternatives
    • Absolute lowest carbon footprint system possible for water heating in any freeze-prone geographic location
  • Collectors: Selective Coating Flat-Plates (SunEarth Brand)
    • Made in America
    • Better than Evacuated Tube Collectors
      • Better to storage tank temperatures of 160 degrees and below
      • Safer: tempered glass vs. annealed glass
      • Longer-lasting: 2-3x longer life, minimum
      • Cheaper to remove and replace (for example, during re-roof)
      • Less-sensitive to orientations off due-south
      • Shed snow better (climate change predicts more snow in NY and Northeast in future)
      • Lower collector header temp: Easier on components.


Whatever solar thermal system you decide to install, you need to use the SunEarth Thermoray TRB collectors.  Steamback Renewable Thermal installs solar hot water systems in Western/Central NY and Northern PA.  Are you interested?

If you live near us in Tompkins County NY we offer discounted site visit fees to review your project in person.  If you live outside Tompkins County we offer the same visit but with a few extra costs like mileage and travel time.  All site visit fees are deducted from any future equipment installation you buy from us.  No expiration.  See here for details…




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