Heat Pumps

Yes, we’ll install mini-splits for you if absolutely necessary, but honestly we think you should be investing in a better heating system, namely a heat pump hydronic system.

Heat Pump Concept


Anybody can install a mini-split.  Let’s face it, they come as DIY kits.  Even the best equipment versions.

What makes a good heat pump install is ironically everything other than the heat pumps themselves.

Your installer needs to understand buildings, heat loss, user expectations, backup equipment, etc.

Steamback Renewable Thermal understands buildings.  We understand heat loss.  We understand user expectations.

But probably the most important part of a heat pump install is a commitment to follow-up service.  While standard HVAC contractors are everywhere, they seem to like to install heat pumps more than service them when things go bad.  Especially if they realize they did not install the correct equipment for the site.




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