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Smart Water Meter Installation Sale, 2018

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2018 Smart Water Meter Summer Install Sale

The heart of our systems is FLO.  Check out their videos:

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Almost everyone has heard of smart thermostats like the NEST by now.  If you have not, it is a thermostat which you can monitor and control through the Internet.  You can leave your house in winter for a tropical vacation and check to see if your heating system is keeping the house from freezing from anywhere, even while sitting on a beach with a drink in hand…

Did you know that it is possible to do essentially the same thing with your water supply?  You can now buy and install a product which is actually smart enough to turn your water supply off automatically if a major leak or burst pipe is detected.  It knows it can not guarantee you will get the message it sends out in time for you to do something about the leak or pipe burst, so it makes the decision and bold move, then shuts off the water supply to the building all by itself.  Sounds amazing, right?

At Steamback Renewable Thermal we have reviewed the few available options for such devices and we have chosen to represent FLO.


Our FLO installs feature a manual plumbing bypass system so even if the FLO unit fails or leaks, taking a second to turn a few valves will enable water to the building again and restore the plumbing system back to the way it was set up before the FLO was installed.  It is a super-safety measure which Steamback Renewable Thermal is proud to include in our smart water meter installs.

The diagram below basically shows it.  We look for the longest stretch of service pipe after you primary building water shut-off valve.  We then splice in the common smart water meter, but also a little extra plumbing which provides extra safety and convenience.

We are not sure if you know about ProPress plumbing fittings, but let us just say they are amazing.  Even if your existing building water shut off valve does not work at all, it would still be possible to cut your pipes and install this entire new assembly in just a minute or less with minimal water escaping.Water Shutoff snapshot



Why is this all important?!

Your home is 2x as likely to suffer from water damage than from theft and fire combined

Steamback Renewable Thermal believes all buildings should have one of the multiple products now becoming available which allow for leak detection, water use analysis and primarily automatic water supply shut-off in the event of major leaks or pipe bursts.

It is simply not cost-effective or possible to protect an entire house from accidental flooding by using individual devices at each point of water use.  This approach also does not protect against pipe bursts between faucets.

The correct type of protection comes from intelligently monitoring the actual water supply line BEFORE all fixtures on the line, essentially as close as possible to where the water supply enters the building.

The obvious question from most people is, “why would I spend so much on something to prevent flooding when I can pay a small monthly premium to my insurance company?”.  Well, the answer is it’s up to you.  We can talk about the financial costs of cleaning up after a major water leak, but how can we ever quantify the emotional cost?  Sure you can get re-reimbursed for damage, but how did it effect your life?  Interestingly, some insurance companies actually require you to install a water protection device after a water damage claim.

Enter the new generation of intelligent water supply monitoring…are you in?

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