Backup Power Systems

Steamback Renewable Thermal offers custom Emergency Power Systems.  These systems are primarily for HVAC reliability during intermitent electricity disruption, but are also applicable to a variety of basic home emergency power needs as well.


UPS Inverter/Chargers for HVAC Applications

An example base system is one used for a critical application like providing power to a wood-fired hot water boiler to prevent blow-off mid-burn during a power loss.  An example extended system is one used to not only protect the boiler, but also to provide hydronic heat distribution for a day or two after a power outage.  And the max case system, the most expensive, would provide backup power to all of the equipment in an HVAC heating system for up to a week or two.

Who would be interested in such a system?  Well, consider:

  1. Someone owns a wood boiler which relies on electricity to move heat from boiler to building.
  2. Someone who has a pressurized gas fuel heating system which relies on electricity to fire and/or circulate heat.
  3. Someone who wants the knowledge that during an extended power outage they will have the ability to charge/power devices for communication with the outside world.

There are essentially a few basic types of emergency backup power systems.  All in consideration offer auto-transfer during a power outage.

  1. Small (Critical HVAC Specific)
    1. ~750w inverter/charger
    2. 1 single line-cord 120AC supply
    3. 1 single deep cycle battery
    4. Estimated performance – 1-2 days for 1-2 high efficiency circulators
  2. Medium
    1. ~2000w inverter/charger
    2. Hardwired 120AC output
    3.  2-4 deep cycle batteries
    4. Estimated performance – 3-7 days for 3-4 high efficiency circulators
  3.  Large
    1. Inquire

Steamback Renewable Thermal is open to working with any inverter/charger with auto-transfer you prefer, but offer that such devices are almost becoming “disposable items” these days.  Though we love all things made in America, sometimes we need to consider import, especially when no domestic industry is producing an equivalent to overseas production.

Anyway, not to say this is the product for you/us, but if this video makes your heart race then you should give us a call.



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