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Econoburn Intro Material


What we do:

Solar Thermal (water heating) – Our Passion!

  1. Highest performing
  2. Reliable (steamback and drainback designs)
  3. Serviceable (no packaged pump stations, ever!)

Hydronic Heating 

  1. Custom design and installation per project
  2. Expert low-temp hydronic heating distribution systems
  3. Full planning and integration with Renewable Energy Sources

Wood Heating Systems

  1. High efficiency
  2. Certified clean burning
  3. Extremely durable
  4. Made in NY State!

Thermal Water Storage Tanks

  1. Pressurized and unpressurized models available.
  2. Pressurized
    1. Insulated versions in 210 and 360 gallon models
  3. Unpressurized
    1. Models available from 160 to 5000 gallons.

Heat Pumps (affordable heating and cooling with electricity)

  1. Appropriate equipment sizing
  2. Honest dialogue with purchaser re: pros and cons
  3. Commitment to follow-up service
  4. Good planning on zoning and performance
  5. A promise to install according to manufacturer manuals, often skipped by other HVAC crews

Flood Protection / Water Conservation

  1. Devices and installation which guaranteed water shut-off w/o programming
  2. Bypass system in all installations
  3. Full water entrance review and suggested upgrades

Point-Ventilation (balanced, with heat recovery)

  1. Non-ducted ERV ventilation solutions where appropriate
  2. Dissuade clients from solutions which can significantly alter indoor air pressure balance
  3. Solutions available for constant energy recovery ventilation even in absence of utility grid power

Custom HVAC Diagnostics (fix systems)

  1. Offer a mix of proprietary and hobby based solutions for remote monitoring and diagnostics of HVAC and renewable energy systems
  2. Offer such systems and packages at lower cost that competitive options
  3. Low cost for multiple temperatures from one device
  4. Open platform to allow multiple data logging sites and multiple dashboard sites
  5. Optional ability to get alerts on high/low temps, flooding, various equipment failures…




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